Solar Ventures

┬áSolar Ventures “Energy from the sun”

solarSolar Ventures is a solar energy producer in Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean Area. The company was founded in 2006 in Milan and is active on international markets since 2009.

The business model is the production and sale of solar energy, through medium-large scale solar plants (> 1 MWp).

In Italy Solar Ventures has developed and built pv plants for 150 MWp. Outside Italy Solar Ventures has developed an important pipeline of pv projects for a total power of 500 MWp in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean Area.

Solar Ventures, leveraging on its wide experience, provides plant management and administrative services for pv parks owned by controlled subsidies and by third parties. A.M.E. Ventures is the majority shareholder and Michele Appendino is Chairman and CEO.